Welcome to 1885


From the Civil War to the present day to 1885. We’re on quite a journey together! 🙂

Those that follow my blog are already familiar with my debut Civil War series and are already anticipating my next project. If you’re new to the blog, you might have missed some of the great Civil War history that I’ve shared with my readers over the last 22 months. If history is your thing, and Civil War history in particular, then I know you would enjoy the various Civil War letters and other tidbits that I’ve posted. Feel free to indulge yourself.

The 4th Monday of every month is history week here and now we have a new era to explore! I’ll continue to bring you Civil War facts and letters but I’ll also start sharing some of the interesting points of my research as I delve into 1885. This is a new setting for me and I don’t know very much at the start so we’ll learn as we go. But here are a couple of points that I do know!


By British standards, we’re still in the Victorian Era, which is good news for me since I’ve grown rather comfortable here. 😉 But here in America, we also like to call this era the Gilded Age. You can read about how each of these eras break down in my previous post, A Quick Guide to Common Eras in Historical Fiction.

And another major note is the style of dresses. I’ll be switching from the full belled skirts to the infamous bustle. I’ve forever been smitten with the full skirts, but what about you? Which is your favorite look between these two styles?

And lastly, as I study into the social issues of this time in history, I would love to take in as much as I can by reading fiction novels that also deal the era that I’m studying. Can you recommend any non fiction or Christian fiction novels that focus on the social issues of the 1880s?


4 thoughts on “Welcome to 1885”

  1. Thank you for sharing history. I’m trying to recall if I’ve read any novels set in this period you are researching. I’ve always loved the Civil War Era and the stories I’ve read surrounding this time in history. God bless.

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  2. Edith Wharton is a great author for the Gilded Age — She wrote The Age of Innocence, The House of Mirth, The Buccaneers, and others. She “scrapes” off the “gilding” and reveals the ugly underbelly of her own upper-middle class/upper-class society. 🙂 There have been films made of most of her novels — This one is a really good adaptation of The House of Mirth: https://amzn.com/B00003CXSA
    — I will warn you, though… 🙂 Most of her novels end very sadly, so get the tissues ready. 😉

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