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Book Review: Love and a Side of Chips by Tracie Valentyne Hilton

49Never kiss your boss. That’s a lesson Kylie Rossi isn’t going to forget, not after losing her job. Now she’s back home with her parents, mopping floors at a taco shop, and trying to figure out exactly where everything went wrong. Was Chris Stevens just not that into her? Well, that seems plenty obvious. His complete lack of interest when he delivered the news didn’t leave much room for misinterpretation. When Sergio Reyes shows up at Tio’s Tacos, he’s just what her grandma says she needs to order: handsome, charming, and maybe even interested in her. He seems like exactly what she needs to get over her heartbreak, but even so, she can’t seem to get that boss out of her head. Her grandma’s recipe for love gets a new ingredient when Chris gets back in touch. He is definitely still interested. Kylie has to figure out what she really wants—a fling with the man who fired her or love with a side of chips.

What I Loved: This was a charming read. Just perfect for a lazy afternoon. I was drawn into the story from the first page. I found Kylie easy to connect with. Although, she seemed a bit too naive at times, but then young women who are love struck sometimes are. The tight family connections made for a cozy story. I had mixed feelings about the ending. I absolutely LOVED the conversation going on. And yet, I found myself turning the page looking for the rest of it. Overall, it was an entertaining.

Rating and Recommendation: I recommend Love and Side of Chips to anyone looking for a clean Christian romance but be prepared to leave hungry. I’m giving it 5 stars.

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