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Book Review: Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin

82It is 1941 and America teeters on the brink of war. Outgoing naval officer Ensign Jim Avery escorts British convoys across the North Atlantic in a brand-new destroyer, the USS Atwood. Back on shore, Boston Navy Yard secretary Mary Stirling does her work quietly and efficiently, happy to be out of the limelight. Yet, despite her reserved nature, she never could back down from a challenge. When evidence of sabotage on the Atwood is found, Jim and Mary must work together to uncover the culprit. A bewildering maze of suspects emerges, and Mary is dismayed to find that even someone close to her is under suspicion. With the increasing pressure, Jim and Mary find that many new challenges–and dangers–await them.

Sarah Sundin takes readers to the tense months before the US entered WWII. Readers will encounter German U-boats and torpedoes, along with the explosive power of true love, in this hopeful and romantic story.

What I Loved: Sarah Sundin. Let’s just stop for a moment and reflect on what this name means. It means well-researched WWII fiction. It means a gripping story. It means a solid Christian theme. It means my new favorite author.
Through Waters Deep was everything I’ve come to expect from a Sundin novel. I found two characters that I was quickly invested in and a plot that kept me fully engaged. There was a mystery unfolding in this novel and my Scooby-Doo-loving brain ate it up. I really enjoyed watching the pieces fall together and how it wasn’t the type of mystery that could be solved by the fourth chapter. I also appreciated seeing a side of the homefront that I didn’t know existed: before America joined the war, our nation was split over whether to help or stay in the shadows. I love picking up new-to-me moments in history and this was one of them.
One of the other areas where I have to praise both Through Waters Deep and previous Sundin novels is her ability to craft a truly humble character. Sadly, this is something we don’t see enough of in Christian fiction and I think it’s another reason that I enjoy her work as much as I do.

Rating and Recommendation: Through Waters Deep is a 5-star novel and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Christian Historical Fiction or Christian WWII fiction.

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