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Adult Coloring Book Review: The Beautiful Word, Creative Coloring and Hand Lettering

153Find peace in the beauty of scripture as you color and reflect on favorite verses from the Bible. Each of the 50 verses is accompanied by intricate pen-and-ink illustrations for you to color. As an added bonus, you’ll learn simple techniques of hand lettering with easy-to-understand tutorials, tracing templates, and space to practice hand lettering verses.

Featuring perforated pages to allow for easy display, this deluxe coloring book will help you remember and take to heart scripture as you hand letter favorite Bible verses.

The Basics: Images are printed on both sides of thick paper.  Pages are perforated.

My Thoughts: One of the things that attracted me to this particular book the most was the promise of Hand Lettering. And this was the area that was the biggest let down for me. I would have liked to have seen more in the way of tutorials. Instead they offered only a quick rundown that didn’t offer much direction. There are a few coloring pages without script where you can add your own. And a single page of letters to trace.
The graphics, I think will be a hit for several, although it’s not my personal favorite…but my preferences aren’t trending right now, so I assume I’m in the minority. The pages are made up of  a wide variety of animals, flowers, and the occasional landscaping scene. The images have a patterny style to them.
Some pages feature only scripture, some a blend of scripture and coloring picture, and some only the coloring picture.

Rating and Review: I’m giving it 4 stars and I recommend it to anyone looking for a new Christian coloring book who enjoy the pattern styles.

~I received a copy from Book Look Bloggers. I was not compensated for my review. All thoughts are my own. 

Sample Images: 





5 thoughts on “Adult Coloring Book Review: The Beautiful Word, Creative Coloring and Hand Lettering”

  1. I have just started getting interested in adult coloring books. They really helped pass the time when I was so sick and in pain, great distraction!
    This one looks good. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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