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Book Review: Hometown Girl by Courtney Walsh


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Courtney Walsh returns with a hopeful and emotional new book about seizing second chances, finding yourself, and forging your own path.

Beth Whitaker isn’t supposed to be a small-town girl. She’s always dreamed of leaving Willow Grove, Illinois, for the big city, but she feels trapped, struggling to make up for a mistake that’s haunted her for years. Just when Beth is finally ready to break free, her sister impulsively buys a beloved but run-down farm on the outskirts of town, and she begs Beth to help with the restoration. Reluctantly, Beth agrees to help—and puts her own dreams on hold once again.

Drew Barlow hasn’t been back to Fairwind Farm since he was a boy, and he’s spent all these years trying to outrun the pain of a past he thought he buried long ago. When he learns that the owner has passed away, his heart knows it’s finally time to do the right thing. Returning to Willow Grove, Drew revisits the old farm, where he attempts to piece together his memories and the puzzle of the crime he witnessed so long ago.

Both on a journey to find peace, Beth and Drew are surprised when they begin to experience a restoration of their own. But when long-buried secrets break through the soil and the truth unfurls, will it threaten their budding relationship—and the very future of the farm?

My Thoughts: Hometown Girl carried the cozy, small-town feeling that you would expect based on the title. It was complete with a delightful family and all the dynamics that the close-knit family of various personalities would have. Walsh left some open doors with  Beth’s siblings that make me curious to know if we’ll revisit this town again in the future. There was a variety of townspeople as well, adding to the cast in every good way.
The one hiccup for me was that I found portions of the story to be repetitive. Certain aspects of the characters backgrounds and feelings seemed to be on an unending loop. Thankfully, there was an intriguing mystery that held my attention the entire time that led to a very satisfying ending.

Rating and Recommendation: I’m giving Hometown Girl 4 stars and recommending it to those who enjoy small-town settings or Christian Contemporary fiction.

~ I received a copy from Net Galley. I was not compensated for my review. All thoughts are my own. 

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