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SPRING HAS COME!!: Christian Fiction Recommendations

8Maybe it’s the flowers in bloom. Or maybe it’s my upcoming birthday. Or maybe it’s the warmer weather. Whatever the reason, Spring has always been my favorite season. Today, I’m going to bring to you a vast collection of recommendations using the letters from “Spring has come.” I’m not even positive Spring Has Come is proper English but since it’s all about the book recommendations, I’m going roll with it. ; ) 
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S: Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Payson Prentiss: This is one of those classics that’s just a gem all the way around. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like so few people have grabbed a copy of this book. But please do. For me, it was a beautiful example of service within the family unit. This is on my re-read list. *First published in 1880

P: The Perfect Arrangement by Katie Ganshert: I simply adore this novella. I’ve already read it twice and listened to it a third time. And I’m not tired of it yet. It’s Katie’s remake of You’ve Got Mail and it’s as charming as any of the other versions of the romantic comedy.

R: A Reluctant Melody by Sandra Ardoin: This is a beautiful story on forgiveness and grace. I loved it. And there’s novella that goes before this that’s equally loveable.

I: In the Company of Secrets by Judith McCoy Miller: This is the first book of the Postcards from Pullman series. This entire series is on my re-read list and I’m hoping to slow down enough to get to it soonish. There’s a lot of history as well as drama in Olivia’s years of Pullman service.

N: Nightingale by Susan May Warren: Here is one fine WWII novel! I loved this one, but it was the ending that has stood out to me the most as powerful and unpredictable.

G: The Golden Braid by Melanie Dickerson: Here’s something specifically for the fairy tale fan. The Golden Braid is the 6th book of a line of fairy tale retellings from Dickerson.

H: The Holy War by John Bunyan: You may have heard of The Pilgrim’s Progress, but have you heard of The Holy War? Personally, this is my favorite of the two. It’s a must-read for the Christian, especially those who appreciate the classics. *First published in 1682

A: The Apothecary’s Daughter by Julie Klassen: Klassen is always a must-have for your TBR list and The Apothecary’s Daughter is one of my favorites. I love her ability to keep the reader guessing. I hope to re-read this one sometime.

S: Stealing the Preacher by Karen Witemeyer: This is the 2nd book in the Archer Brothers series. I loved this one. It was fun, flirty, and evangelically focused.

C: Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin: This is the first book of the Refiner’s Fire series and it happens to be one of my favorite Civil War series ever. You’ll want to read this series in order. The way the characters overlap is remarkably creative and well done.

O: On Distant Shores by Sarah Sundin: This is the 2nd book of the Wings of the Nightingale series and it’s another WWII favorite. You should read this series in order too. But if you love war fiction, you’re going to enjoy anything Sundin writes.

M: The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis: If you haven’t read the Chronicles of Narnia yet, then you’re really missing out. It may have been written for children but adults have been enjoying them for decades. I’ve read this at least twice and plan to read it again someday.

E: Emma by Jane Austen: Another beloved classic must-read. I’ve read it twice and will read it again and again.
*First published in 1815

Did I list any of your favorites? Did you find any to add to or bump up on your TBR list?

7 thoughts on “SPRING HAS COME!!: Christian Fiction Recommendations”

  1. Very cute way to list your books. I love Sarah Sundin! You have named some of my favorite authors. I have read some of these books but need to start reading some series again! Or finish them. My TBR pile is so overloaded! And review obligations are coming fast! Oh well there’s always next month!


  2. Oh my! I’m humbled and honored to see A Reluctant Melody on that amazing list, Anita! Thank you! I read Judith Miller’s novel years ago, and anything by Sarah Sundin and Julie Klassen are in my “Gotta read” stack. I’m looking forward to reading Sarah’s new book and just finished The Ladies of Ivy Cottage–so Jane Austin-ish. 🙂


    1. YAY!!! I meant to share the link with you, but I forgot this morning. I’m so glad you found it! And you’re welcome!!
      And I agree: Sundin and Klassen belong on the Gotta Read list! I’m looking forward to Sundin’s latest too. I have my copy but haven’t gotten to it yet.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It may take me a while to get to it, but I always read your posts. We’ve ordered Sarah’s book for the church library. I’ll probably be the first to check it out. 🙂


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