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Coming Soon: Who Needs a Billionaire by Krista Noorman

Who NeedsA fake marriage is the answer to their problems, but love was never part of the deal.

Augustus “Gus” Schultz has always been the black sheep of the family, and he’s earned that label with his playboy ways. His greatest desire is to prove to his father that he’s put all that behind him and is worthy of taking on a bigger role at Schultz Chocolates. But when he’s asked to step away from the company for appearances’ sake, he must devise a plan to convince everyone he’s changed.

Merritt Christiansen loves helping women feel pretty and confident, and her dream of taking her safe, organic cosmetics line global is about to come true. Until she doesn’t secure the capital she was hoping for and is forced to consider a crazy alternative.

Gus thinks his proposal is ingenious. A fake marriage contract with Merritt, who is brilliant and respectable—not to mention beautiful—will demonstrate his ability to commit and fit in with the company’s wholesome image. Merritt thinks he’s lost his mind, especially since they can’t stand each other. But how can she refuse when he offers to fund her business expansion as part of the terms of their marriage? And if pretend crosses the line to real, how will they come away with hearts unscathed?


Eeeek! I cannot say enough good things about this one!  I refuse to apologize for my love for fake-dater stories. Who Needs a Billionaire fits ALL of those reasons why I adore this troupe so much.
It’s sweet. It’s romantic. It’s fun to watch them navigate a relationship that isn’t real. And it -insert happy sigh- never gets old watching two people who have little in common and can barely get along fall head-over-heels in love with one another.

Who Needs a Billionaire is my new favorite from Noorman. And it just happens to be available at a special pre-order price. It’s a 5 star novel from me, and one I couldn’t put down.

Recommendations: I recommend it to those looking for clean fiction. It was clean but did not have any spiritual content. I didn’t find the romance to be too strong but a much younger or more conservative audience might not be as comfortable.


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