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A Book Gift Just For You

It’s FREEBIE time! The only thing sweeter than a freebie is a freebie with a sale.

I hope this post finds you and your family well. I pray you’re leaning on Christ in a new way during this time. Please feel free to reach out to me by responding to this post or through Facebook if you need someone to chat with or help encourage you.

May Sale

To ensure that you have something fun to do this month, I’m offering one of my favorite stories for free.
If Only It Were Yesterday is loosely inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. And in it, Liz Cooke finds herself caught up in the fantasy of an easier, more satisfying life in a different era.
And before you scoff at her, take a look around you. During this pandemic, have you found yourself wishing it was a year some time in the future or maybe at some point in the past? Have you found yourself thinking that life was better when you were younger? Or before electronics? Or … you fill in the blank?
If you can answer yes to any of those questions, then you DO have something in common with Liz. Liz is facing down the final months leading up to a Presidential election. Now, you can imagine how desperate she is to escape into another year … to another time in history.
Viewing the contents of an old trunk inspires her to dream that she is time traveling. Talk about a dream come true for any history lover! Or anyone wishing they were somewhere else right now. But will Liz find 1885 to be as simple as she had imagined?

Liz Quote 1

In If Only It Were Yesterday we meet Liz’s friend and mentor, Betty Tanner. Betty tries to encourage Liz to think more realistically about romance because she had already walked those tough roads and she understands that Liz is headed for disaster if she doesn’t get her head out of the clouds.
Yesterday’s Christmas is Betty’s story. Loosely inspired by Beauty and the Beast, Betty finds herself stranded at the Tanner home during a blizzard over Christmas. Glenn Tanner appears as something of a beast with his cold, disdain for Betty. But time together has a way of opening their eyes to the true merits of one another and love blossoms. But history repeats itself when 30 years later Betty is, once again, stranded during Christmas at the Tanner farmhouse with none other than her estranged husband. At this point, bitterness has sunk into Betty’s heart, turning her into the beast.
This dual-timeline novel is on sale this week and will have you falling in love again and again.


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