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Horseback Librarians Need Librarians! A Launch Team Invite

I’m looking for excited Christian Fiction fans to help spread the word about my upcoming release, Hearts on Lonely Mountain.

You don’t need a blog.

You do need to enjoy Christian Historical Fiction.

You will get the chance to read the novella before it releases.

You will get info before the general public.

And you’ll have exclusive behind the scenes info and a giveaway at your disposal.

And you’ll get to hang out with me and other excited readers in a private Facebook group.

If this interests you, just fill out the form.

Can two lonely people find more than a fleeting friendship or will a prejudiced town keep them apart?

When Ivory Bledsoe left the city to minister to the people of the rural mountain town of Willow Hollow, she never expected to be shunned rather than welcomed. Seeing the town as a lost cause, she’s eager to return home, but when the bridge leading out of town is washed away during a flood, she finds herself stranded in the last place she wants to be.

Ben Thrasher was content with his quiet life until he met the new librarian. He can’t help but be drawn to the friendly and lively Ivory Bledsoe, despite her being at the center of the town’s latest superstition. It’s only a matter of time until she captures his heart, turning his world upside down in the process.

Has Ivory gotten God’s plan for her all wrong or is there still a way she can serve these people? And can Ben ask her to stay in a place where so few are willing to embrace her?

Bonus Material!

I ran across this amazing podcast. It’s only 7 minutes long, but it’s a collection of audio clips from various people associated with the Pack Horse Librarian Project in the 1930s. Trust me, you’re going to want to hear this.

The Pack Horse Librarians of Eastern Kentucky posted by The Kitchen Sisters

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