Who Loves Exclusive Content?

Along with the many things happening on my desk this summer, I have revamped my newsletter. Instead of only writing a newsletter when I have a sale, giveaway, release, or freebie for my readers to enjoy, I’m mailing 2 letters a month packed with exclusive content. If you’re not already signed up for my newsletter, now is the time to jump on board because the exclusives are about to hit their peak.

For a typical month, I’ll be sending out 2 newsletters.
The first will have:
A personal note from me
2 sigh-worthy Vintage Sweetheart pictures
1 Antique recipe pulled from various moments in history, including the Civil War, 1930s, WWII, and beyond
An exclusive look at what I’m working on
An opportunity to respond back to me

The next letter will have:
Giveaway, sale, or freebie notice
A look ahead at what’s coming up next in my writing
A peek at the goodies in next month’s newsletter
An opportunity to respond back to me

The above is what to expect each month, but with a multi-author series release on the horizon, the perks are just getting better! Here’s a look at what’s ahead:

Ivory’s Calling is a 3-scene mini prequel, written exclusively for my newsletter followers. It’s an entertaining look at Ivory’s life before she left for Willow Hollow and the reason she couldn’t stay home. It’ll be releasing in August.

Release days are coming up, and I’ll have interviews with each of the authors exclusively for newsletter subscribers only.

Enjoy these two previews and be sure to sign up. The first Willow Hollow release is coming up on Tuesday, July 28th.

A Fresh New Beginning

Christmas in July and Horseback Librarians

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