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My Favorite Movie/TV Characters

I was challenged by a fellow blogger to list my 10 favorite characters from the endless supply of hit movies and tv shows. This challenge was much harder than I expected. It seems that simply choosing 10 favorite movies was much easier than choosing favorite characters. Choosing a character is somehow deeper. When my list… Continue reading My Favorite Movie/TV Characters

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Walk the Streets of Maple Grove

For those that don't know, Maple Grove, the fictional town from my Ancient Words Series, is based on a real town -- my hometown: Wartrace, Tennessee. Wartrace, like so many other quaint towns, have a history all its own that is unique and special to those that call it home. Borrowed from the Chamber of… Continue reading Walk the Streets of Maple Grove

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When God Intervenes

Last week I shared the story behind my novel, Where Can I Flee. If you missed it, you can catch the full story here. For the sake of a quick recap, I'll tell you simply that I hadn't planned to write the story at all. And when I did decide to write it, WCIF was… Continue reading When God Intervenes

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Humble Beginnings

Would it shock you to know that Where Can I Flee was an afterthought? More than an afterthought, it was meant to play second fiddle. On July 3, 2012 a story was born. It always amazes me at how random those moments are. I wasn't expecting anything special to happen that day. I've tinkered with… Continue reading Humble Beginnings