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When Scrooge Actually has a Generous Day …

... He offers a Christmas in July Sale! Pick up the ebook from Amazon. Visit my bookstore for the paperback discount, which is available through July 31st. Project Scrooge: Can Scrooge find love from a friendship gone cold? Sanford Stone cut ties with his best friend, Natalie, in favor of the love of his life… Continue reading When Scrooge Actually has a Generous Day …

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FREEBIE: The Accident by A.M. Heath

Dialing the wrong number is embarrassing and inconvenient, but what if your mistake led to healing and romance? In real life, this isn't very likely to happen, but it's just the sort of thing that fiction was made for... In The Accident, Chris Knowles accidentally texts the wrong number. But little does he know, he… Continue reading FREEBIE: The Accident by A.M. Heath

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A Book Gift Just For You

It's FREEBIE time! The only thing sweeter than a freebie is a freebie with a sale. I hope this post finds you and your family well. I pray you're leaning on Christ in a new way during this time. Please feel free to reach out to me by responding to this post or through Facebook… Continue reading A Book Gift Just For You


My Valentine’s Gift to You

Happy Early Valentine's Day. I couldn't think of a better gift to give my readers than a free ebook! You're probably scratching your head at the fact that I chose a Christmas novel for your Valentine's gift, but behind the tree and ornaments is a timeless love story. Inspired by Beauty and the Beast, Yesterday's… Continue reading My Valentine’s Gift to You

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Release Day: Project Scrooge by A.M. Heath

It's release day!! Nothing thrills me more than to celebrate the release of another book. It's an exciting time when I can finally, officially put away my work on a single story. That means my time will be spent on another precious story. And it also means that others will get the chance to enjoy… Continue reading Release Day: Project Scrooge by A.M. Heath

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FREE E-book: The Accident by A.M. Heath

Hockey season starts THIS week! 🏒 That may not mean anything to you, but it means a great deal to Chris and Ashlyn, so to celebrate I'm offering The Accident for FREE until Friday. 📚 Enjoy and share with a friend! "A sweet, thoughtful take on a different kind of romantic beginning." ~ Laura; reviewer Writing an… Continue reading FREE E-book: The Accident by A.M. Heath

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A Season Passed E-book Sale

Great news! Both of my A Season Passed novels are on sale this week. Grab one or both or share with a friend.  *Both novels are also available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.   If Only It Were Yesterday  Liz Cooke has two problems in life: Her social media is filled with brewing political conflict and… Continue reading A Season Passed E-book Sale

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A Christmas in July FREEBIE

My Christmas in July Gift to You What is a Christmas in July celebration without a gift? For two days only, I'll be offering an ebook copy of Yesterday's Christmas for free. You can pick up your copy on Amazon. Be sure to visit Goodreads and BookBub to add it to your reading list and… Continue reading A Christmas in July FREEBIE

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Tales of Faith 3 Month Tour by Amanda Tero: Month 2

It's month 2 of this 3-month tour! And this month, we're featuring The Secret Slipper. Cinderella is my personal favorite fairy tale, so I was thrilled to know that my little writing sister was working on a retelling. Although I'm a major romantic at heart, I was intrigued to hear how she would turn this… Continue reading Tales of Faith 3 Month Tour by Amanda Tero: Month 2