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Book Recommendations in Under 2 Minutes

Not only do I love reading, but I love recommending books. I aim to do that more often, but I want to do it in a quick and painless sort of way.
To make it even easier to collect new books to your TBR list, I’ve linked everything to Goodreads unless it’s on sale. Sale links will take you to Amazon.

From Kindle Unlimited:
Here’s something I’ve been reading and enjoying on KU.

No Filter by Heather Day Gilbert: This is a delightful cozy mystery series. I’m personally all caught up and eagerly waiting for the next release in the series. This is a great one to binge read!

Non Fiction:
Sharing great nonfiction reads from my stack of Christian, Writing, or Research shelves.

The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in the Wild West by Candy Moulton
If you are a historical writer and are unfamiliar with this series, then let me make your day. You’ll want to browse the other books they offer, but I currently have 4 of their titles and there are others. The book is exactly what it says it is. It explains the everyday details, including what they drove, wore, ate, and even how they spoke. They’re great research tools for authors or simply great reads for history lovers.

Group Stack:
A quick link to a much larger stack of recommendations.

Christian with a Twist: This collection of books contains grittier stories with a focus on redemption and hope in Christ.

Falling in Love with Romcoms: All of these laugh-out-loud stories are sweet romances with lots of humor and they’re all available on KU.

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