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Reading Challenges 2015

47There are more books on my TBR list than I can even begin to get to in a year and the list grows daily. I don’t suppose I’ll ever reach the bottom, but neither do I count that as a problem.

One of the best places to browse books online is Goodreads.com. On Goodreads, you’ll find a community of readers ready to talk and swap book recommendations. Through one of the groups on Goodreads, I’ve signed up for a few fun reading challenges.

~E-reader Challenge
I’m hoping to take some of the books off my endless collection by reading at least 20 books from my kindle this year.

~New Author To You Challenge
This is always a fun and easy challenge since I’m quick to pick up a new author and give them a try. I’m hoping to try at least 10 new authors this year, but I expect I’ll exceed that quickly enough.

~Support Local Library Challenge
This is another easy and fun challenge. I’m often visiting my library, both online and in person. I hope to read at least 12 borrowed books this year.

~Spell Your Name Challenge
I couldn’t resist adding this fun challenge to my worksheet for the year. The idea is simple, choose books where the first letter of the title is a letter in your name. You can spell your first name, first and last, or all three names. I’m going bold and will attempt to spell all three names. Thankfully, the books can overlap on more than one challenge.

Also on my personal list is to finish The Chief of Sinners by John Bunyan, finally read a book by the classic author Grace Livingston, and to pick up another well known classic that I’ve never read…I’m thinking about A Tale of Two Cities.

You can follow me on Goodreads to know what I’m reading throughout the year and what I think of it.

What’s on your reading list this year? Are you a member of Goodreads?  Have you joined any of the reading challenges?

4 thoughts on “Reading Challenges 2015”

  1. oooo… it’s been a long time since I’ve read A Tale of Two Cities, but I remember loving it! I talked my mom into reading it and then I think I talked Brad into reading it when we were dating. You should let me know when you go for that one, I might be convinced to read along with you!


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