Black Friday Ebook and Paperback Sale

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I’m bringing you a sale to help you unwind or finish off your Christmas list.

For the paperback fan, I have my entire inventory on sale. So visit my bookstore to pick up your favorite signed paperback for someone on your list. And if you need a hand selecting a title, you can browse my recommendation list or contact me. I’ll happily help you find the right book for you.

For ebook fans, I’m offering my most popular series for sale. The Ancient Words Series is a family saga set in the Civil War.

My Recommendations:
For those who enjoy long family sagas, look for the Ancient Words Series.
If you’re wanting a shorter novel, look for A Season Passed or Art of Love series. 

If you’re searching for a new novella, try The AccidentHearts on Lonely Mountain (not pictured), or the Christmas in Garland Collection

If it’s Christmas stories you seek, pick up Yesterday’s Christmas or the Christmas in Garland Collection.

For the Civil War fiction fans, you’ll want the Ancient Words Series

If you’re a sucker for a story written in letters, try The Accident, which is written through journal entries and text messages. 

Looking for Fairy Tale retellings? Try A Season Passed.
Wanting something more vintage? Dance With Me and Yesterday’s Christmas takes place in the 1950s and Hearts on Lonely Mountain is set in the 1930s. 

If you want a dual-timeline, look for Yesterday’s Christmas

Wanting something with a little Jane  Austen flare? Try If Only It Were Yesterday.
If you wanted a classic retelling, try Project Scrooge

But if you wanted to read my personal favorite, then pick up Dance With Me.

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