About the Book

Specials to Dance For!

In celebration of my upcoming release, Painted Memories, I’m retouring the first book in the series, Dance With Me. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on …

I invite you to visit the bloggers meeting Neil and Arleen for the first time. Along with their reviews, is a guest post I wrote explaining how I breathe life into my historical novels.

Then there’s the ebook sale! Dance With Me is a stunning romance about two dance competitors forced to team up who find not only respect and a friendship but so much more. It was a fun book to write and remains my favorite to date.

For the paperback fans, here’s your chance to win a signed copy, along with a mixed cd just perfect for background music while you’re reading. The cd features the first song Neil and Arleen ever danced to together.

But you can also take advantage of my personal paperback sale happening on my bookstore this month.

But let’s not forget the upcoming sister novel, which is equally breathtaking in its own right. Painted Memories is about Olivia and Grady, who were separated when Grady was reported dead. As Grady recovers from a headwound, the only memory to resurface is images of Olivia that he paints again and again. When Olivia finds one of the paintings, it could change the direction of their lives.

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