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Christian Horseback Librarian Reads

For readers, a horseback librarian is something of a hero, so it's surprising that there aren't more fiction books written on the subject. Search around and you'll dig up a few nonfiction titles, a couple things written for children, and even some general fiction titles. But I'm going to bring you some from the Christian… Continue reading Christian Horseback Librarian Reads

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Join these Horseback Librarians on 4 Adventures

We're celebrating the 1 year anniversary of The Librarians of Willow Hollow. If you haven't read these novellas you'll want to check them out and you can grab all of them for .99 each! Lena is a young girl looking to escape her abusive home life and find some independence. Books had always been her… Continue reading Join these Horseback Librarians on 4 Adventures

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Free Short Stories

Great news! I have formally released two short stories. If you've followed me for a while, you may have read these in the past, but now they have official covers and can be uploaded to your e-reader. They are only available to my newsletter subscribers, so be sure to sign up and enjoy both stories… Continue reading Free Short Stories


1930s Slang

I'm stepping in for one of my bloggers today in my Hearts on Lonely Mountain Tour. I absolutely love slang! It’s fun, and each era has it’s own sound. Slang differs from region, country, and decade. I actually collect slang while I’m reading or watching something. It’s one of my favorite topics to research and… Continue reading 1930s Slang